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The Bread

Tilted Loaf .heic

Classic Focaccia 

olive oil | rosemary | garlic | flake salt 

Tom Basil loaf #2.jpg


oven dried tomato | basil | olive oil 

Jap Ched Loaf #2.jpg
Jap Ched Loaf #3.jpg


aged cheddar | cracked pepper


eggplant | tomato | shallot | herbs

Ratatouille Focacc.jpg
Everything Loaf.jpg


everything bagel spice | brown butter | asiago | garlic 

The Bread

Flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt, and time. When these humble ingredients come together they form the foundation of our business. Made in house every single morning with clean ingredients & organic flour, the process is simple but very precise. A single loaf requires 52 hours in total. 

When we started working on this concept we knew that the bread would be the most important thing. The thing that would set us apart from the rest. We began thinking about what the perfect bread is for a sandwich. After trying many different options it was clear that focaccia was the way to go. The perfect balance in delicate and firm, soft and crispy, the perfect chew and crumb. Hundreds of different variations have been calculated, mixed, proofed, and baked to find what we think is truly the perfect sandwich bread. Our flour is sourced from Italy where chemicals like glyphosate & other pesticides are not tolerated. A mix of whole wheat and all purpose flour give it the texture and structure needed. Two days of fermentation give it incredible depth of flavor and gluten formation. The perfect time and temperature in the oven lends beautiful color and crispy exterior to our bread. We hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoyed making it. As we say, "life is short, eat the bread!"   

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